Best Feeder Times for Whitetail Hunting in Texas

Question: I hunt in North Central Texas, what are the best feeder times to set for morning and and evening during the general (gun) season? Thanks for your help.

Answer: For most of Texas, a good rule of thumb would be to have your spin feeder run around 6:45 m and about 3:30 pm. Some hunters prefer a bit later in the morning and in the evening, but the times mention above work well. When a feeder goes off, some deer wait for the noise of a feeder and then come right in. These are typically the younger and smaller deer, which most hunters are not after. These early deer want to get there before the big bucks kick them out, especially later into the evening.

In my opinion, it’s about trying to get the bigger bucks in early enough in the eveing with enough daylight to see the antlers on their heads clearly. If you can get the does to come in early in the afternoon then its only a matter of time before the older bucks come following closely behind, particulary during the rut. That is, if there are any bigger or mature bucks in the area.

Although most hunters prefer an evening time later than 3:30 pm, you’ll be surprised at what you will see during the early afternoon. Early feeder times are great in the morning, except that on a cloudy morning you may have the deer (especially if you have a high deer density) consuming most of the feed before you can see them. From my experience from hunter around feeders, the larger bucks tend to be there very early in the morning, so the early your feeder can go off, the more likely you are to have larger bucks come in. Of course, they may finish eating before you can see well, or legally shoot.

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