Deer Hunting, Deer Lease in Coleman County

Question: Do any hunters out there have any information they could offer me about the Coleman County and Ballinger, Texas, area. I am wondering because I enjoy whitetail hunting an am interested in finding a deer lease in that area. I was wondering what the whitetail deer population is like up there? I’ve heard good things, but was wanting to get some other hunters insight who deer hunt in that area.

Answer: Well, I have never hunted are Ballinger or Coleman County in general, but I know this area produces a lot of whitetail deer. I have a friend that knows a guy who has a deer lease of about 2000 acres southeast of Ballinger. They are a low fence property and manage the deer herd and have had good results. I have heard that they plant many food plots and feed a good amount of protein to get the most out of the bucks.

Coleman County Deer Hunting and Deer Lease

Apparently, they do not have any feral hogs on the lease, but many serious deer hunters prefer to keep in that way. The area, from what I have been told, holds a good number of whitetail deer, dove, turkey, quail, varmints, and everything else. The county as a whole is very underdeveloped, and that is exactly what you want when looking for a variety of wildlife species. It sounds like a great area to hunt, and I know that this big Coleman County buck was harvested this year. Good luck to you.

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  1. We hunted Coleman County for 12 years. We always had good deer numbers, but never a lot of quality deer. We finally started feeding protein and improved the quality greatly, so the potential is there. There are lots of turkey, dove and some years good quail hunting.

  2. This year was our first year on our place up there. During the pre season we routinely saw 8-12 deer at a time coming into feeders, then they seemed to simply vanish during the hunting season. Overall, I think this is a great area with lots of potential. The land is rugged to say the least.

  3. i hunted on a place about a quarter mile from lake hoard in west colman county for 4 years and in that period of time we fed protein. in 4 years time we went from 15 inch wide racks to 20 to 23 inch wide racks. the place was sold, so i had to move on. what a shame! but now i have a place less than 20 miles from there over in runnels county and the deer are just as big there. maybe not as plentiful but just as big. there are still a lot of deer there too! its between novice and winters in runnels county. a lot of deer in that whole region!

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