Deer Hunting in Kansas – How Does It Work?

Question: My father and I would like to go to Kansas whitetail deer hunting this year and we are wondering if you could give me the steps to take to get something planned or done for the upcoming hunting season? I have heard that alot of the farmers up there will let you hunt for next to nothing, but is this true? Any advise you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Answer: As non-residents you will have to put your name into the draw for Kansas deer hunts. If you have a place to hunt in Kansas that information will be required for your draw permit. Because that information is needed, you will need to find a farmer that will allow you to hunt before you apply for the permit.

Draw permits are over $300 this year plus about $75 for the non-resident hunting license. A large portion of the land in Kansas is leased by outfitters from the farmers. However, it is not impossible to find farmers that will allow you to deer hunt. I have known hunters that have met some of the locals that have allowed them to hunt deer.In areas where there are a lot of farmers and very few hunters, the deer will eat the crops and are a nuisance.

Also, there is a lot of public ground to hunt. Look at North Central to Northeast Kansas. Some walk in areas have really good looking country. Another tip would be to contact every chamber of commerce and every vistor site you can.

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