What Time Should I Go Deer Hunting?

Question: What time do you usually get into the woods or your deer stand on opening day? I live about 30 minutes from the property that I hunt and am curious on when I should get in my stand for optimal whitetail hunting?

Answer: Opening day is typically the best day of the year as far as the element of surprise goes. I like to get there at least 45 minutes before daybreak, which is about 1 hour and 15 minutes before official sunrise. The earlier the better really, just so the hunting area can settle down. Often times, white-tailed deer will “creep” into an area well before sunrise so that they have firsts on a food plot or at a deer feeder.

The worst feeling in the world is walking up to a stand and hearing deer running off. I would also have nightmares that it was a monster buck running off, so now I get there early. To give you an idea of what deer really har, make sure you listen good on opening morning. Listen to all the noise other hunters on neighboring properties will make. You will hear vehicles starting up and driving on the roads, car doors and tailgates slamming, and people talking, and radios off in the distance.

The trick is for you to get into position first, so that they will scare the deer out of their hunting area when they move in too late and the run into yours. So, about 1 hour and 15 minutes before official sunrise for optimal morning whitetail hunting.

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