Whitetail Deer Hunting in Tall Grass

Question: I love bow hunting and spend most of my time whitetail hunting on a small piece of land with a major creek on the backside of it. The creek is a good travel corridor, but it has farm land surrounding it. I only have permission to hunt on the back 10 acres and got to see a lot of whitetail last year, so I know it is not a bad spot for deer hunting.

Last year, the land was mowed a lot and the grass never got over knee high. This year has been we and he never mowed and now it is almost 6 foot high. I think the grass in Johnson Grass, but I am not 100% on this. I mowed some paths for me to walk back to the blind as well as the area around the feeder, but the rest is tall grass. Will the taller grass help or hurt my whitetail deer hunting? I am not sure if it will hurt the hunting or if the deer will feel even more comfortable with the extra cover. What do you think?

Answer: Tall grass is not a problem for deer and it should not impact your whitetail hunting either. Deer need habitat that provide screening cover, whether that be brush or grass. In this case, the tall grass will likely keep more deer in your area than in the past and make for even better deer hunting than last year.

The best thing about your hunting spot is that you have a good travel corridor for deer, the creek. Whether you have tall grass or not really does not matter because deer do not leave an area. The deer use the creek to travel and feed along in past years and they will use it again this year, too, regardless of what is around it.

I think you are in store for a good year of whitetail deer hunting. Let me know how it goes and good luck!

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