Big East Texas Whitetail Buck

Whitetail Hunting: Big East Texas Whitetail Buck

It may not always get the attention that it deserves in the whitetail hunting world, but there are some big bucks in East Texas. This region is usually blessed with high amounts of rain and a whole lot of high quality food. Sure, many areas of East Texas are hunted hard, but the areas that are managed for deer make for whitetail hunting dreams. I received this lucky hunter’s story in an email:

“I have been trying to get this whitetail buck since 2007. I have never had a daylight picture of this deer until this year. Yesterday morning, I saw some good activity, but only smaller bucks. At 1:00 pm, I climbed out of my tree to get some lunch and check my game camera. From the photos, I saw that this big buck had been working the scrape behind me 2 days earlier, at 7:15 am.

I also saw that I had a buck skirt me during the morning by using a trail about 50 yards behind the stand I was hunting. When I went back that afternoon, I decided to hunt an old stand that I have not used in 2 years. It overlooked the trail. At 4:30 pm, an 8 point came out on the trail. Then, I noticed this guy walking about 30 yards behind him.

You can see what happened next. After 4 years of cat and mouse with this big East Texas buck, it was a dream come true to finally put my hands on him. We green scored this mature buck at 155 4/8 inches. Here are some harvest pictures of him along with some past years trail came pics.”

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