Deer Hunting in Stephens County

The only thing I enjoy more than whitetail deer hunting is hearing stories from other deer hunters. No matter how many years someone has been whitetail hunting or many deer they have harvested, it’s still exciting to hear about the details of a successful hunt. Although all truly successful hunts end the same, it still gets my blood pumping to re-live another hunters deer hunt through their eyes. I received this Stephens County, Texas, deer hunting story in an email:

“I got in the deer stand this morning shortly after the sun started coming up I made a few grunts right into the hunt. Not 5 minutes later I heard something walking close by and I look out to my left. There he was, a mature buck, only 30 yards from my stand. The big buck started walking away just cruising around and wouldn’t stop for me, so I had to shoot on the walk.

I am not going to lie and say this shot was the best shot ever, but it might be my luckiest. The heavy whitetail dropped in his tracks and it was my first kill with my T/C Encore Endeavor — and my first true trophy, at least in my eyes. I couldn’t be happier with this solid buck and I can’t wait to get him on the wall.

Whitetail Deer Hunting - Stephens County

Those of you that hunt in or near Stephens County, I suggest you make a trip out there as soon as possible. As you can see, his neck is full-blown and I would say the deer rut is on! The buck just came straight in to the grunts looking for trouble.”

I’d say this whitetail buck found more trouble than he was looking for! And I really like the fact the hunter used some deer vocalizations while whitetail hunting. Many hunters neglect the big advantage that today’s deer calls give them. I think every hunter should carry rattling horns, a grunt call, and a doe bleat call on them at all times. If you really want a show, get yourself a deer decoy. Learn how and when to use these deer hunting tools and they will work.

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