Long Island Whitetail Buck with Quadruple Beams!

Big Whitetail Buck taken in Long Island, New York

Bigs whitetail bucks from Iowa, Illinois, and Texas get tons of press, but there are also some big bruisers produced in New England, believe it or not. One lucky deer hunter managed to harvest a big white-tailed buck on the afternoon of Monday, October 26. It was then that Bjorn Holubar headed into the woods near Brookhaven Long Island to hunt a thicket where he had discovered several big rubs just the day before.

He did everything that he could to make sure the big buck did not detect his presence, then he walked out a few hours later with the remarkable 200-class 20 pointer pictured above. The buck is an amazing quadruple-beamed buck that has an excellent chance to break the New York state archery record. Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good, but on this day it looks like Mr. Holubar was both!

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