Six Legged Fawn Photo and Video

Six Legged Fawn

White-tailed deer are survivors, but this has got to be the toughest deer ever. A six legged deer fawn was discovered in Georgia. Though the fawn was born with 6 legs, 50% more than the average deer, that was not enough for this poor little critter to endure. The fawn also has two tails, two pelvises and uses one leg from each pelvis to walk.

If that was not enough, the fawn had to be rushed to a nearby animal clinic for emergency surgery after being attacked by dogs. It was reported that one of the tails had to be amputated. The vet said,”It received minor injuries from the dogs but is now recovering — and doing quite well.”

A fawn with six legs really is really an anomaly. It appears it is an identical twin that didn’t form all the way. Vets and biologist are reportedly reluctant to release the young fawn back into its natural habitat and are considering sending it to the University of Georgia to be studied.

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