Texas Offers Great Deer and Exotic Hunting

Comment: I just wanted to tell everyone that if they ever had the chance to go hunting in Texas that they should! I enjoy whitetail hunting too, but I just returned from my third axis deer hunting trip in as many years from the Texas Hill Country in the Kerrville-Ingram-Harper area. This was a free range hunt, no fences at all and I had one of the BEST times of my life on this trip.

The exotic license price was even reasonable. Although it went up $8 from the previous year. I was successful in harvesting two decent axis bucks. I also got to see many native game species of whitetail and Rio Grande turkey, as well as additional exotics moving and feeding on well-managed food plots during my hunts.

I was totally enamored with the state and with the efforts and ethics of the hunters I have encountered in my travels there. The game management is second to none, as is the Texas pride. I have been hunting over 25 years and New York’s game management and state pride is a joke compared to the way it is handled in Texas.

Response: Wow, it sounds like you have been having one heck of a time down in Texas! I was fortunate enough to be born and raised in Texas and we do have some fantastic hunting opportunities. Everyone thinks of Texas when it comes to whitetail hunting, but Texas is blessed with numerous game and non-game wildlife species.

Not only does Texas have great whitetail hunting from end to end, but outstanding mule deer, pronghorn, exotic ungulates, pheasant, turkey, quail, and feral hogs. We also have great hunting for migratory bird species such as mourning and white-winged doves, ducks, geese, and sandhill cranes. There is a little something for everyone down in Texas!

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