Whitetail Deer Rut Report

Whitetail Rut Report

The whitetail hunting season is upon us and the deer are not the only ones getting ready to roll! Everyone, including the bucks we hunt, are looking forward to the whitetail deer rut. The rut gives us an opportunity to take advantage of bucks doing what they don’t normally do — acting stupid. Big bucks that are normally nocturnal all of a sudden are chasing does throughout the day. So is the whitetail deer rut on in your area?

Source: Down in Texas I spoke with Johnnie Hudman, a long time friend and hunting partner of mine from near Albany, Texas. “Bucks are chasing does and acting like teenage boys in love. The rut is definitely underway, at least the early stages. By week’s end or the beginning of November they’ll be going strong…which really seems a little early.”

I also spoke to my brother, Glenn Weishuhn, who hunts on several places in the eastern half of Texas. “Around home (Colorado County, Texas) our rut is just about over. I saw a couple of bucks chasing does, but it’s slowed down. In East Texas where I hunt (north of Houston about a hundred miles) we’re seeing a lot of rubs, scrapes and some rutting activity. The cooler weather we’ve been having is starting to get the deer a whole lot more active. I’d say the rut is underway in East Texas, especially based on what some of the other hunters on our lease are seeing.”

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  1. Got my first opportunity to experience what rut is all about in North East Indiana this morning, November 8th. Had a doe about 100 yards out that disappeared into the woods and then about 20 minutes later I thought a bulldozer was coming through the woods. There was a 6 to 8 point buck only 10 yards off her rear, then another 6 and a 4 not far behind. My buddy told me if your not in the stand this weekend your crazy! I AGREE!!! HAPPY HUNTING!!!

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