Wood County Produces Big Whitetail Buck!

Big Buck Shot in Wood County - 190+

Texas is known for great whitetail hunting and big bucks. Although much of the attention gets focused on South Texas, any part of the state has the potential to deliver big deer. And it happens every year with big bucks seemingly popping up out of nowhere. This year it looks like a Wood County hunter will get his day in the sun. Check out the story by the hunter who harvested this big Wood County buck.

“I harvested this buck on the early morning of October 31, 2010 in Wood County, Texas. The deer was taken by bow on a private low-fence farm from about 16 to 17 yards out. I was hunting in a stand that my dad and I hung in an oak tree at the edge of a small meadow. I had seen almost every decent buck I had on my game camera walk by that particular tree the year before, so I gave it a shot.

The buck came in following two does, but I could not make out what he was. By the time I realized he was a shooter, he took off after the does again and as he stepped into the middle of the meadow where there was more light I realized he was more than just a shooter. My heart sank, but luckily the does led the monster buck straight back in. As soon as he came in I pulled back and took the shot. At that time, I still did not realize what he was. I didn’t get too nervous until after the shot when he ran off. When I realized what had just happened I began to shake uncontrollably.

I waited an hour for help to arrive and we then recovered this Wood County monster quickly by the help of the farm manager’s lab. As soon as I pointed in the general direction that he went, the dog took off and found it in 2 minutes. When I saw him in the ditch, I was speechless. I’m still not sure I believe it. I had gotten many pictures of this buck the year before, but they were all at night. On top of that, I never believed he would walk out during the daytime. I guess it goes to show that anything can happen and big whitetail bucks can be anywhere, even in the Northeast Texas.

The Wood County Game Warden officially green scored him. He grossed 191 6/8. I had originally scored him at 189, so this was great news. Either way though, he is a buck of a lifetime.”

After hearing this hunter’s story, I am really amazed. This is a great buck that just about every bowhunter dreams about. But he was smart about it. He got some good information off his game camera, set up in a good spot, and hoped for a little luck. You have got to love hunting the rut!

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