Michigan Non-Typical Record Buck

The state of Michigan is known for great whitetail hunting as well as being home to some huge whitetail bucks, both typical and non-typical. And no one knows that better than hunter Ron Waldron of Ann Arbor, Michigan. He may have been a whitetail deer hunter most of his life, but the biggest one he has after put his hands on is one he didn’t even shoot. And by big, I mean this Lenawee County is a BIG BUCK! It is the highest-scoring non-typical buck on record for the state of Michigan.

Michigan Non-Typical Record Buck - Biggest Buck Ever!

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Bowhunter Stops Big Ohio Buck

Every deer hunter dreams of a big Ohio buck, but when Jason McClintic bought his Ross County farm for whitetail deer hunting he never thought he’d stick an arrow into a true-to-life brute. Ohio has produced its share of monster bucks over the years, but knowing where to hunt always helps when it comes to putting a deer on the ground. McClintic’s land really is typical southern Ohio deer country. Prime deer country.

Ross McClintic's Big Ohio Buck Pictures

The landscape consists of rolling croplands of corn and beans surrounded by hillsides of maple, pin oak, chestnut oak and thick second-growth timber. Deer hunting property does not get any better than that. The hunter had used game cameras to document several good deer on his property — some good 140-class 8 point deer as well as a 170-class 10 point buck. — but had a hard time getting on those deer. One evening, he finally saw the big 10 point buck, but he missed the deer — just like he did in 2009. Continue reading Bowhunter Stops Big Ohio Buck

Wood County Produces Big Whitetail Buck!

Big Buck Shot in Wood County - 190+

Texas is known for great whitetail hunting and big bucks. Although much of the attention gets focused on South Texas, any part of the state has the potential to deliver big deer. And it happens every year with big bucks seemingly popping up out of nowhere. This year it looks like a Wood County hunter will get his day in the sun. Check out the story by the hunter who harvested this big Wood County buck.

“I harvested this buck on the early morning of October 31, 2010 in Wood County, Texas. The deer was taken by bow on a private low-fence farm from about 16 to 17 yards out. I was hunting in a stand that my dad and I hung in an oak tree at the edge of a small meadow. I had seen almost every decent buck I had on my game camera walk by that particular tree the year before, so I gave it a shot. Continue reading Wood County Produces Big Whitetail Buck!

Milam County Buck Found Road-Killed!

Whitetail Hunting: Milam County Buck Found Dead

One of the biggest things that haunts those serious about whitetail hunting is finding a big, road-killed buck. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened down in Milam County near Alcoa. This big non-typical white-tailed buck was found on the side of the road, but it’s not the first. There was another respectable non-typical buck found in Milam County in 2008.

It seems that big bucks in this area are making a habit out of getting hit by vehicles. Or it’s probably that there are simply a good number of high quality bucks running around out there. Whatever is going on, the area is obviously producing some big bucks and would be a great area to go hunting, I just wish we would see more photos with hunters behind those deer!

14 Point Coleman County Buck Shot!

Coleman County 14 Point Whitetail Buck

This is what each and every whitetail hunter heading into the woods each season hopes to bag. You guessed it — a big ole brute of a Texas sized buck! All I have to say is that Chad Dodson of Abilene is one lucky dude because he shot a monster 14 point Coleman County buck on October 29, 2010. I doubt he will give up whitetail hunting, but let’s fact it, he is going to be hard pressed to find another buck this big. Here come the stats.

This 14 point monster scored 192 1/8 Boone and Crockett. The buck was harvested in Coleman County near the town of Burkett. It appears the ranch this deer was shot had been involved in a deer management program for quite some time and is the Pecan Bayou Wildlife Management Association. It looks like the management has definitely improved the whitetail hunting. Congrats to Pecan Bayou WMA landowners and to Mr. Dodson!

Biggest Non-Typical Texas Whitetail Video

Earlier this month, Mark Barrett of the Las Raices Ranch harvested what will likely be Texas’ new non-typical whitetail buck record. The massive buck will score over 300 Boone and Crockett inches and really is one amazing animal. The video above shows some scouting footage of the deer prior to the whitetail hunting season. The ranch owner’s ironically referred to the buck “Mini” at a very young age. Nice deer!

Whitetail Buck Shot Near Fredricksburg

Big Hill Country Buck from Fredricksburg - 250 1/8

The central part of Texas is know for high deer populations, but not necessarily big deer. But that may be changing. It looks like the Hill Country region of Texas is on the map and making history with a big whitetail buck! On Saturday, October 9th, a whitetail buck was shot near Fredericksburg, Texas, and is likely to become the new world record SCI typical whitetail buck.

The monster buck was harvest on the Bang Whitetail Ranch and the deer gross green-scored 253 2/8th inches gross. The big buck netted out at 250 1/8th inches. Now that is what I called record-breaking whitetail buck! In addition, biologist estimate the big deer to be only 4 1/2 years old.

I suspect this big whitetail is older that 4.5 years because deer that eat a lot of protein do not show as much tooth wear as deer that eat primarily native plant forages. Without natural tooth wear, it is even more difficult to age deer accurately. But age really does not matter at this point — it’s dead!

Texas Has New State Record Whitetail?

Big South Texas Buck from Las Raices Ranch

Texas is known for it’s whitetail hunting, and for good reason — there are some big ole bucks down there! The proof is the pudding, so check out the photo above if you have any doubts about the size of this potential new record book buck. Mark Barrett of the Las Raices Ranch is the proud hunter that harvested this huge buck that is predicted to top the all time leader board in the Texas record books.

The whitetail buck’s green score is reported as 311 4/8 inch gross in full velvet, which is pretty cool in itself. Of course, the score is not official at this point, but it looks like this monster whitetail buck will be the new all-time non-typical buck in Texas. This ranch also produced the current top non-typical buck, which was shot by Mark’s son, and scored 275+ inches. It looks like first and second place is in the ranch’s near future. Continue reading Texas Has New State Record Whitetail?