Best Long Range Crossbow

The best long range crossbow that we’ve ever seen is here. Ravin Crossbows delivers the R9, a crossbow with a range of 100 yards. The crossbow is being touted as having shot tight groups of bolts at long ranges. Now that sounds like something I could use during whitetail hunting season.

Technology Increases Range

Reliable, long distance shooting starts with superior engineering. With patented HeliCoil™ technology, the Ravin R9 crossbow measures just six inches from axle-to-axle and delivers unprecedented downrange accuracy – with groups as tight as three inches at 100 yards.

R9: A Long Range Crossbow

The hunting world is getting a wake-up call as a new brand is born and a revolutionary crossbow hits the market. Powered by the groundbreaking HeliCoil™technology, the new R9 Crossbow from Ravin delivers rifle-like accuracy, handling and devastating deer-killing power.

Best Engineered Crossbow

Designed from the ground up to be the most accurate and efficient crossbow technology ever, patented HeliCoil technology coils the cables away from both the top and bottom of the cams in helical grooves. This keeps the cams perfectly balanced for increased speed and downrange accuracy. Sounds good, but the real functionality is that it extends the effective range of the hunter.

The exclusive design allows the cams to rotate to a near full rotation of 340 degrees while keeping the cams perfectly level when drawing and shooting the crossbow. This also results in a 100 percent free-floating arrow when fired, eliminating the friction that other crossbows experience. The result for deer hunters: increased speed and deadly accuracy at longer ranges means more tags on deer and fewer left in your pocket.

Long on Thought = Long Shot

“HeliCoil technology is the starting point for a crossbow that literally changes the way crossbows function. Our goal was to reimagine every piece of the bow, with the goal of delivering a rifle-like experience for the shooter. Once we perfected the HeliCoil design, everything else fell into place. The Ravin R9 provides unmatched downrange accuracy and incredible killing power from the most compact axle-to-axle measurement on the market,” stated Ravin’s Mike Weinkauf.

The Best Long Range Crossbow on the Market

Like most crossbows, the R9 can shoot a long distance, but how many are also effective at doing it reliably? Downrange accuracy is Ravin’s calling card with prototype and initial production bows regularly holding six-arrow groups at three inches or less at 100 yards. But the similarities between the new crossbow and a rifle go well beyond accuracy. The overall axle width in the un-cocked position is a mere 10.5 inches, and is an amazing six inches when fully drawn, making Ravin the smallest, most compact crossbow in existence.

Ravin Crossbows

Ravin Crossbows was started by a group of hard-core white-tailed deer hunters and product designers with the single goal of creating the world’s best crossbow. Over the past 20 years this group has had an incredible track record of design and product development. With a wide range of archery products to their credit, they moved their focus to the crossbow industry.

This top notch design and engineering group set out to produce the most accurate crossbow in the hunting world. This was accomplished with the invention of HeliCoil technology. The revolutionary technology has several industry-changing advantages that all work together to create the most accurate crossbow ever designed. Their new R9 is one of the best crossbows ever made and offers real, effective long range deer hunting capabilities.

Which Game Camera is Best?

In my opinion, there is nothing better for scouting for whitetail deer hunting season than a game camera. I have used them for years now and have been impressed with how effective they are for identifying animals in the field prior to hunting season. Although we may not see all of the bucks the cameras capture, we know a lot about the buck we are looking at in the field the instant it walks out. Photos allow us age deer on the hoof and classify them based on age and antler quality whether they are going to be shooters or not.

This past Saturday I put out a brand new Cuddeback capture camera and a new Reconyx 500 series camera. In fact, I placed them out side by side on my feeder pen fence. I feed protein out of a gravity feeder here so I knew there would be plenty of opportunity for photos. I did this to examine the difference between these two trail cameras as I have had a few problems with my Cuddeback game cameras. Continue reading Which Game Camera is Best?

Black Powder Hunting for Texas Deer

Most hunters do not realize that Texas has a special black powder season hunting season for white-tailed deer. In most cases, it takes place after the general hunting season, but it could be well worth the wait. Black powder is an effective way to extend your hunting season and put some additional venison in the freezer. Check out the following story submitted by a Colorado County deer hunter:

Well, after doing some research at stores and on the internet, I went out and purchased a Thompson Center Omega for Colorado County’s Muzzleloader Only Extended General Season.

Well, I went hunting on Saturday afternoon and had 3 Spikes and an 11 to 12 inch wide 8 point come out to the food plot. I passed on these guys (the spikes; the 8 point was not legal) in hope of something better, but those were the only deer sightings of the evening. Continue reading Black Powder Hunting for Texas Deer