Antler Growth in Whitetail Deer

Question: Hello, my 11 year old son is in the 6th grade and he is wanting to do a science fair project on the stages of white-tailed deer antler development. Would you happen to have any pamphlets or pictures you could send him in the mail? We would like to display them his project. Any help would be greatly appreciated. He is all excited and can’t wait to do this project. He loves whitetail hunting!

Answer: Interesting. Someone else also emailed me today about their 9 year old son doing a similar project on antler growth in whitetail. You can use these photos showing antler growth in deer from this site that show the stages of antler development.

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  1. My son is an avid deer hunter also and is interested in incorporating deer hunting in a science fair project also. What kind of experiment did your son do with antler development?

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