Feeding Record Rack for Whitetail?

Question: I am trying to improve my whitetail deer herd for better whitetail hunting. To accomplish this goak, I’ve started feeding protein to additional nutrition to the local deer herd. What do you think about using Record Rack protein pellets because it’s the one I’ve been feeding?

Answer: Record Rack is fine choice for adding supplemental nutrition to whitetail diets. If you are interested in other options, I would compare the mineral and vitamin percentages with Purina or other brands. Many feed stores will mix their own pelleted deer feed, but make sure you check the nutritional content for a head-to-head comparison of products.

Protein is necessary for keeping deer in great shape, but additional nutrients such as calcium, phosphorous, and other trace minerals are important for optimal antler and bone growth. When comparing mineral content from brand to brand, understand that additional minerals help, but I don’t know at what point additional minerals just become additional costs.

If overall deer feeds are comprable with regards to protetin and mineral and vitamin composition, then I’d go with the least expensive. Good luck with your supplemental feeding program, whitetail hunting, and deer herd improvement.

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