Winter Food Plot Options for Whitetail

I prefer Lab Lab Plus. It has forage sorghum and winter peas in the blend. Lab Lab cannot take a frost hit of any kind, while the winter peas are still at it and down to a temperature of 20 degrees F. It climbs onto the sorghum and invites deer to dine. Lab Lab is a southern type of plant but is a fine attractant even in Michigan. Deer go for it fairly well and it is very nutritious.

Think of Lab Lab Plus like planting soybeans in mid July, which is hard to beat with the leaves still being green come October 1st. Add forage rape in early August, then winter wheat and even winter peas in early September.

Same story, the Lab Lab or soybeans may be there on October the 1st but not long afterward, no problem you still have at least peas.

For that matter I would broadcast, (broadcasting alone will work) in early September 50 lbs of winter wheat per acre in that Lab Lab plot. If you broadcast winter peas you will need to wait for a good rain then follow with a cultipacking. Don’t worry about smushing the existing plants.

The cheap way is the RR soybean way and soybeans I believe are a bit better than Lab Lab in that it can take a temp of 29 degrees F. and deer absolutely love it when it is young, that’s why you plant it in the middle of July.

Try to plant a differant forage in each plot to encourage deer to move about, so plant both Lab Lab and soybeans. You cannot plant too many 1/4 acre kill plots deep into the woods.

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