Minnesota’s Camp Ripley Produces Monster Buck

Camp Ripley produces another monster whitetail

When it comes to great whitetail hunting, Minnesota has a reputation for producing some great monster bucks. Although the current nontypical record is over 225 inches, resident Scott O’Konek did his best to threaten that record. And it sounds sad to to say he came up short, because he bagged one heck of a big buck, but his deer did not make the cut. However, I would have a smile a country mile wide if I had even seen this great deer, much less tagged it after putting a well-placed arrow through it.

Source: Scott O’Konek may have rewritten the Minnesota record books when he tagged this 32-point buck around 9 a.m. on Oct. 15, the first day of Camp Ripley’s annual two-day archery hunt. Bolstered by good mass and long brow tines, the big deer’s green score—conservatively measured at 228 nontypical—would be more than enough to dethrone the current state-record archery buck, a 222 5/8 nontypical taken in 1992 by Gary Martin a 226 3/8 nontypical taken in 2008 by Ben Spanjers. O’Konek’s deer weighed 192 lbs. field dressed, and the highly symmetrical rack netted 183 7/8 typical.

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