Black Powder Hunting for Texas Deer

Most hunters do not realize that Texas has a special black powder season hunting season for white-tailed deer. In most cases, it takes place after the general hunting season, but it could be well worth the wait. Black powder is an effective way to extend your hunting season and put some additional venison in the freezer. Check out the following story submitted by a Colorado County deer hunter:

Well, after doing some research at stores and on the internet, I went out and purchased a Thompson Center Omega for Colorado County’s Muzzleloader Only Extended General Season.

Well, I went hunting on Saturday afternoon and had 3 Spikes and an 11 to 12 inch wide 8 point come out to the food plot. I passed on these guys (the spikes; the 8 point was not legal) in hope of something better, but those were the only deer sightings of the evening. Continue reading Black Powder Hunting for Texas Deer