Six-Legged Buck – Deer with Two Legs on Back!

Most whitetail deer have four legs, but have you ever heard of a deer with six legs? Well, I’ve heard of a fawn with six legs, but never an adult deer. Like other animals born with deformities, I would imagine that deer with missing or extra legs just don’t survive very log – except for the six legged buck that was shot below. It definitely makes for an interesting deer hunting story.

Deformed Buck with 6 Leg - 2 on Back!

Where was this six legged buck shot? I have yet to determine that, but the leg deformity is fairly amazing. The legs found on the back of the deer have really long hooves, because they are never used. Long hooves are often seen in foundered deer, but this is another way to do it.

Deer with Two Legs on Back - Buck Has Six Total Legs!

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