Creating Corridors for Whitetail Hunting

All whitetail deer use corridors for travel between feeding and bedding areas. However, when it comes to big whitetail bucks, they absolutely love them. You are probably thinking, “Okay, that’s good information to know, but I don’t have any corridors on my property or whitetail hunting lease.” Well, corridors for deer hunting are not difficult to create!

So what is a corridor? Well, it’s a small creek, or draw, or low-lying area where deer can move between on area and another. It can also be anything that allows deer to feel more secure while traveling than the general area provides. In short, an effective corridor is allows safe travel for whitetail. Or in your case, a perceived area of safe travel.

Mature whitetail bucks will ignore lots of natural travel if they lack good cover. On your land, check for such potential funnels that lead from bedding to feeding areas or between doe bedding areas. Along them, start your corridor by planting two to three rows of small trees or bushes, about 10 to 15 feet apart.

Great plant species for establishing corridors include honeysuckle, dogwood shrubs, crab apple, and viburnum. You can increase the corridor’s attractiveness by mixing in some soft-mast species such as apple, pear, or even persimmon. It will not take long before deer start using the area, so expect your whitetail hunting to improve rapidly over the next few years!

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