How to Make a Mock Scrape

Learn how to make a mock scrape

Question: I have enjoyed whitetail hunting for years, but have never learned how to make a mock scrape. Can you give me some instructions on areas to look for and some mock scrape tips so that I can use them to attract bucks to my hunting area? Any info on mock scrapes will be greatly appreciated!

Answer: Mock scrapes can be an excellent way to bring in the big boys to your deer hunting area. The act of making a mock scrape is relatively simple, so don’t get too bogged down in the details, but the whole idea behind creating a fake scrape is to make any buck in the area think there is another buck there, too.

You can do this by actively working a found scrape or by making a mock scrape. When creating your scrape, first make sure you are scent free and then be sure that there is a licking branch located about 40 inches above the ground — this is a must!. Start out by working the ground with the heel of your boot to reveal some fresh dirt. Create a circular shape of fresh dirt that is about 20 to 24 inches in diameter.

In the wild, a buck will urinate in his scrape, so an important component of your mock scrape will be to give it some scent. Get some whitetail buck urine and then liberally apply it to the fresh dirt. Let the urine soak naturally into the dirt. This will also give off maximum scent — which is exactly what you want to do.

The last component of your mock scrape is to “work” the licking branch just like a wild buck would. Twist the limb in all directions until you actually twist off the end. At this point, you can use a manufactured preorbital gland scent on the end of the branch to create a true-to-life mock scrape. You can also use a drip bag filled with buck urine to keep the scrape fresh with scent, but it is not necessary.

Now that you’ve learned the basic steps on how to make a mock scrape, the rest is to monitor the site. Check the scrape every few days for activity and, of course, keep the are scent free. You can also set a game camera nearby to monitor the deer checking into your scrape. If you see that a whitetail buck has come by and worked the mock scrape, freshen it up a little, hang your stand, and get to whitetail hunting!

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