Review: Deer Smoke Screen Eliminates Odor

One of the biggest factors impacting the success of whitetail hunting is odor elimination—or better stated, scent control. A new product on the market that claims to eliminate alarming downwind scent is Deer Smoke Screen. A few days ago, I received the opportunity to try this this product free of charge. It arrived well-packaged on Saturday. Sunday was my testing day and my goal was not to influence the results one way or another, but rather only give a fair and accurate account of my experience with the product.

Fellow hunters, take from it what you will. I arrived at my deer lease at before sunrise with hog hunting on my mind. There was a small tank that had been covered in hog sign, so I knew where I wanted to set up. There are no game cameras in this area so I did not know when these pigs were frequenting the water source. I got settled in, unloaded a few supplies and I was ready for the hunt. I wanted to test this product prior to the deer hunting season and we all know that pigs have darn good sniffers too.

Deer Smoke Screen: Scent Control while Whitetail Deer Hunting

It important to note that at this point the inner conflict began. There seems to be something inherently wrong with intentionally sending a scent into the air for every animal to wind, but then I reminded myself that I was here for a fair and accurate review of Deer Smoke Screen. I lit it up. I was sweating heavily and the gnats were driving me crazy. After about 5 minutes there were no more gnats. Was this a benefit of the thin smoke stream? Not sure.

The wind has a tendency to swirl around this tank due to the fact that it sets in a bowl. With this is mind, I decided to light at least 1 more Deer Smoke Screen stick and set it to the West just in case any porkers came down the trail on that side. I hunted for six hours in 100 degree weather and never saw a hog.

However, I did a bobcat, two raccoons, and a coyote that came to the tank. The bobcat got within 14 yards of me and he was downwind for a brief period, but never looked in my direction. The coyote got within 25 yards and was also downwind. I would have put the drop on him, but my sling caught on a cedar branch and blew my cover.

The archery whitetail hunting season will soon be upon us and I will give Deer Smoke Screen another shot. I did not have any game animals come downwind of me, or feral hogs for that matter, but it did fool some predators. I can’t say I’m a complete believer until it fools some deer, but the product did earn a little respect from me.

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