Trophy Rock Mineral Lick for Whitetail Deer

Question: On our deer lease we are always looking for the next attractant that can improve our whitetail deer hunting. Some work and some don’t. I have been using Trophy Rock for a few years. In fact, ever since I started using the mineral lick rock, I can honestly say that I have seen a big deference in the quality of whitetail bucks around my hunting areas. Now I am not saying that the Trophy Rock is grow bigger bucks, but it does sure seem to attract the big boys and keep them in the area all year long. The deer on my lease will completely lick the Trophy Rock away in just couple of months. What are your thoughts on the Trophy Rock?”

Answer: There are many products on the market that can attract deer for better whitetail hunting, but many are also on the market to attract hunters. Trophy Rock is one of the deer attractants that actually does what it says. It’s a mineral lick that attracts deer. Does it give the whitetail deer that use it all of the minerals that they need to remain healthy? I don’t know. That is probably something we could debate about around a campfire over an entire hunting season.

Whitetail Deer Hunting - Trophy Rock Mineral Lick - Deer Attractant

I am glad to hear that you have confidence in Trophy Rock. That is a big part of using anything for hunting. If you don’t have confidence then your going to feel uneasy and you will not enjoy your time in the field. I have never tried Trophy Rock and probably never will. Not because I have anything against it, but simply because I can get minerals intended for livestock at a cost that is less expensive.

Also, we feed free choice protein during the stress periods to supplement deer, and it is full of micro and macro-nutrients that whitetail deer need for optimal body and antler growth. My theory is always that everything is good in moderation. I would not buy an 18-wheeler load of Trophy Rocks, but I surely do not think that a few will hurt. They definitely attract deer, so if that’s the goal then by all means do it.

Whitetail deer utilize minerals through absorption from plants and supplements they eat, but will also dig up a mineral site where a supplemental mineral source has melted into the soil. Deer will actually will lick the dirt to get the minerals if that site is the best source available. Benefits continue even when the rock has melted into the dirt. Of course, food plots with balanced soil and fertilizer can provide good mineral source for bone and antler development as well. Trophy Rock is good stuff and it attracts deer, but don’t consider it the end-all-be-all for deer on your property.

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