Whitetail Deer Hunting in Lampasas County Texas

Question: “I have been whitetail hunting for years, but recently got on a deer lease located in Central Texas, actually in Lampasas County. The ranch is about 7 miles north of the town of Lampasas on 183. I know the center of the state has quite a few deer, but am not familiar with Lampasas County. The property looked good and the other hunters say the hunting is good. They have been feeding protein and selectively harvesting bucks. Any ideas on deer hunting in Lampasas County?”

Response: Deer hunting can vary quite a bit in different parts of a county, but Lampasas County has good numbers of deer over most of it. The west-central part of the county can have some open areas, but even the wooded areas hold deer. Good bucks have come out of every county in Texas. The biggest factor for deer management is food availability and bucks that are allowed to get old. Take care of these two things and your deer lease will be great.

Whitetail Hunting: Deer Hunting Lease in Lampasas County Texas

I hunted on a ranch between Lometa and Lampasas for several years. It was the a good ranch with nice deer habitat. We shot some really good bucks and saw a few more on camera and in person that never got to take a dirt nap. The best part, they weren’t managed either and all on low fenced places. Lampasas County has produced some great whitetail bucks over the years. In fact, I know of at least two bucks that have scored over 175 B&C in recent years that were off un-managed, low fence properties.

Your deer lease is located in a good area with lots of deer. The important thing to remember with free ranging deer is that is difficult to have both quality and quantity. I have no doubt that Lampasas County offers some good deer hunting, but you may have to thin out the herd if the area you are hunting is deer rich. That’s not a bad problem to have, but realize there could be some trade offs depending on what you are looking for in a deer hunting property. Best of luck!

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